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We welcome professional intermediaries and business introducers including other corporate services providers, lawyers, accountants, banks, financial institutions and other related fields looking to offer Seychelles company formations and other various packages and services offered by Christen Consult.


We accommodate business introducer arrangements whereby business is introduced to us and we deal with the professional intermediary who is our client of record.


Our communication policy is to receive instructions strictly from the professional intermediary, and we will not respond to the end user client. In situations where a client makes contact directly with Christen Consult, we will notify the professional intermediary client immediately and will only respond directly to the end user client if expressly requested to do so by the professional intermediary.


Our billing policy is the same as our communication policy: we will receive instructions directly from the professional intermediary and similarly bill the professional intermediary for services rendered as per an established billing contract.


With regards to our Due Diligence policy, the KYC and related documentation for end user clients, including but not limited to Directors, Shareholders, Bank Signatories and Beneficial Owners will need to be furnished by the professional intermediary for the purposes of IBC company formations, bank account registrations and yacht registrations in Seychelles.


Please contact us directly to learn more about your business and nature of the services to be provided by Christen Consult. We will promptly contact you to arrange a conference call which will allow us both to introduce ourselves and more efficiently address any questions we may have.

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